Pelicano (The Level)

Pelicano has been a mainstay of Sydney Street for a number of years, and now have opened up a second location on The Level. The new spot, just before the entrance to the children’s park, is the perfect spot when the weather is nice as the many benches and south-facing window trap the sun beautifully.

As we’ve come to expect with Pelicano, the design is top drawer. They’ve managed to convert a formally ugly concrete block into something much more aesthetically pleasing. A large part of a cafe’s appeal lies in its atmosphere and the new Pelicano is both warm and cosy.

The other large part of a cafe’s appeal is, obviously, the food and drink it serves. Like the original, this Pelicano offers the Smoky Bird Espresso as their house choice, as well as a number of single origin beans all roasted at their Sydney Street store. Alongside the coffee are a number of cakes and pastries as the perfect accompaniment.

We’re always happy to see new establishments open in Brighton, especially when a place we love expands to a new and interesting location. Once the summer rolls around, we hope that the new Pelicano has proven itself as a popular location.

Espresso: £2.00
Americano: £2.40
Flat White: £2.60
Latte: £2.80

Mon – Sat: 9.00am – 7.00pm
Sun: 8.00am – 7.00pm
Phone Number: 01273 567808
Address: The Level, Union Rd, Brighton BN1 4ZN

Espresso Machine: Synesso
Roaster: Pelicano House Roastery
Grinder: Mahlkonig EK43, VA Mythos
Founded: 2014