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Kat Cockram, The Plant Room

The UK Barista Championships are taking place at the end of February right here in the heart of the city ...
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Chris Campbell, Brewed

Hi Chris, can you tell us about your background in coffee? I started making coffee in 2008, working in a ...
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Martyn Nash, Twin Pines Coffee

Coffee and the creative. The two go hand in hand. Look at any coffee shop in the city and you're ...
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Megan Stimpson, The Marwood

From Brighton to Brisbane and back again, Megan Stimpson has been all across the globe in pursuit of great coffee ...
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Tash Murphy, Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

We are blessed in Brighton with great coffee. From the quality of roasters in the local area to the vast ...
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Max White, Small Batch Coffee Roasters

As the Barista Trainer at Small Batch Coffee Roasters, Max White gets to see the good, the bad and the ...
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