The Flour Pot Bakery (Fiveways)

Sitting just off the Fiveways crossroad is The Flour Pot’s Preston Drive store. Situated in a calming residential area, you’re greeted by a window filled with fresh artisan bread and, once inside, you see the familiar sight of The Flour Pot’s checkerboard tiles. Unlike most Flour Pot premises, however, this one is cosy and homely rather than airy and light.

The room stretches and uncurls like a slinky spring as you move past the worker’s station, as the back end of the room opens out into a comfortable spot to relax with a coffee and one of The Flour Pot’s pastries, cake or freshly made sandwiches. 

The double espresso we tried had a big mouthfeel with notes of nuts and berries. Made using their very own Flour Pot blend, roasted by the company themselves, the coffee is bold and works perfectly alongside their selection of sweet goods.

Away from the flurry of central Brighton, this coffee shop is a recluse, perfect for the local residents and those looking to get out of town for a peaceful coffee break.

Espresso: £2.00
Americano: £2.30
Flat White: £2.60
Latte: £2.80

Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 8am – 6pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm

Address: 138 Preston Drive, Brighton BN1 6FJ
Phone Number: 01273 945525

Machine: La Marzocco Linea PB
Grinder: Mazzer Major
Roaster: The Flour Pot 
Founded: 2016