Covering the most innovative and outstanding artisan coffee shops across the city, The Independent Brighton & Hove Coffee Guide is the guide to the finest coffee throughout the south.

Individually, Brightonians spend an average of nearly £200 per year on coffee and, with a refined and distinguished taste for the celebrated bean, Brighton and Hove is the hub of the UK’s booming coffee culture.

This high-end publication is available to pick up across the city at artisan coffee shops, restaurants as well as numerous other outlets. With more than a combined 20 years in the world of publishing as well as an extensive knowledge of the coffee industry, TD Publications are in the unique position to celebrate the spirit of the coffee industry and embody the culture of the city.

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The Independent Brighton & Hove Coffee Guide 2019 looks at the very best artisan coffee shops from across the city, along with interviews, feature articles and debates, as well as a look ahead at what’s to come from the coffee industry.