Aeropress Brew Guide

It’s very easy to get swept up in Aeropress competitions and start over complicating the coffee you drink at home. Yet, the key to any home brew is keeping it simple and repeatable. There are a few very basic things that will make your coffee taste better. Use coffee within a month of roast date, use filtered water and grind your coffee to order. However, anything out of these parameters won’t make disgusting coffee, it just won’t be as nice as it once was.

I prefer an inverted Aeropress method. Mainly because you don’t get any drips start coming through the paper but, also, as you flip it over you agitate the brew again.

With the Aeropress there is no need for a pre-wet and bloom. Just throw all your water on as quickly as you can using the water flow to agitate your brew. Before you start make sure your kettle is boiled, your Aeropress has your ground dose weighed in and you have wet your filter in the Aeropress cap and you have a timer ready.

My go to recipe is:

– 13g Coffee
– 220g Water
– 97° Water

Stage 1. Start a timer as you start pouring and fill it all the way up as fast as you can.

Stage 2. Put the filter cap on and flip the Aeropress onto your mug at 0:30 giving it a shake to agitate.

Stage 3. Then at 1:00 start plunging, aiming to finish at 1:30. If your coffee is a little weak then extend your overall time. If it’s too strong then flip and plunge quicker!

Words by Chris Campbell of Brewed –

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